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Guzheng Repertoire

A repertoire that combines traditional, contemporary, and avant-garde zheng compositions

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Concerto / Zheng and Piano

Night Lake of the Maple Bridge (枫桥夜泊)
Last Regrets at Lin'an (临安遗恨)
Fighting the Typhoon (战台风)
Peacock from East-West (孔雀东南飞)
The King of Western Chu (西楚霸王)

Zhejiang Tradition

High Mountains Running Water (高山流水)
The General's Orders (将军令)
A Gyrfalcon Catches a Crane (海青拿天鹤)
Cloud Festival (云庆)
Four Harmonies and Peace (四合如意)
High Moon (月儿高)
The Emperor Unarms (霸王卸甲)

Han/Qin Tunes

The Budding Lotus (出水莲)
Song of the Lapping Waves (浪淘沙)
Meihu Tune (郿鄂调)
Song of Remembrance (秦桑曲)
The Tears of Lady Jiang (姜女泪)

Teochew Tradition

Mandarins Playing with Water (寒鸭戏水)
Moon at the Western Rivershore (西江月)
Autumn Nostalgia (秋思)
Pink Lotus (粉红莲)

Shandong Tradition

Autumn Moon in Han Palace (汉宫秋月)
Four Episodes (四段锦)

Ancient Tunes

Tune of a Fisherman Rowing at Dusk (渔舟唱晚)
Flower Blossoms of the Moonlit Spring River (春江花月夜)
Three Variations of Yangguan (阳关三叠)

Guqin Adaptations

Ancient Melody of the Plum Blossoms (梅花三弄)
Melody of Guangling (广陵散)

Contemporary Pieces

Fantasia (幻想曲)
Lin Chong's Night Escape (林冲夜奔)
Celebrating the Harvest Year (庆丰年)
When the Cliffs Sparkle (峡谷明珠放异彩)
Wind Hunting (风之猎)
Lingering Sorrow (长相思)
Lotus Berceuse (莲花谣)
Silvery River Waves (银河碧波)
Heroic Little Sisters in the Pasture Lands (草原英雄小姐妹)
Ancient Huangling Mausoleum (黄陵随想曲)
Red Sun over Jinggang Mountains (井岗山上太阳红)
The Fisherman's Song at the Eastern Seas (东海渔歌)
Waltz of Yao (瑶族舞曲)
Drums • Arrow • Fragrant Mountains (香山射鼓)
Romance of Yangding (康定情歌)
Landscape in Three Chapters (情景三章)
Yili River (伊犁河畔)
Spring in Snowy Mountains (雪山春晓)
Jasmine Fragrance (茉莉芬芳)
Dance of Yi (彝族舞曲)
Love Song from a Moonlit Night (月夜情歌)
Hum of Iron Horse (铁马吟)
Butterfly Lovers (梁祝)
A Sketch of Expression (表情描素)
Waters of Bliss to Our Village (幸福渠水到俺村)
Rhapsody (狂想曲)

Chinese Opera Arias

Lady Wenji Returns to Han (文姬归汉)
Night Deep (夜深沉)

Japanese & Korean Tunes

Frontier Song (延边之歌)
Itsuki Lullaby (五木摇篮曲)
Sakura Sakura (樱花)
Dance to the Gods' Tune (神仙调舞曲)

Contemporary Pieces with kayagûm, koto and changgu

Three Zithers and a Pair of Scissors (1998)
Invisible Garden (1998)
Bendings (2003)

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